PROJECT | 2021/22


The master plan of the Levashovo airfield complex offers a new harmonious language of communication between people, the architectural space, and the environment. The dynamic and simultaneously soothing image is achieved through the innovative composition of the natural park complex. Made of glass with a mirror effect, the facades of the building seem to dissolve into the surrounding pine trees and shrubs that multiply in their reflection.

The image of the airport terminal building is presented as a central ‘sculptural’ composition. A separate architectural dominant is designed to form an expressive and instantly recognisable silhouette. Flying away, the passenger parts with nature and, upon arrival is greeted by it again. With the smell of pine trees, the beauty of northern nature and its impressive architectural appearance - the airport becomes not just a necessary point of visit, but a centre of attraction.

While the dominant direction of the general plan is the west-east axis, the composition of the airport terminal complex is orientated from south to north. This contrasting arrangement of axes and forms effectively distinguishes the terminal building from the general environment of the general plan. The philosophy of dynamics from west to east is also emphasised by the south-north statics.

A small architectural form of a globe is raised above a round decorative pool. The surface of the water acts as a mirror that spreads thousands of sparkling highlights onto the surface of the ball, reflecting the sun's rays and causing the viewer to experience a visual sensation of floating above the ground. This makes the airport more than just a point on the itinerary - Levashovo turns into an independent source of new emotional experience.

Super graphics with markings and aircraft tyre tracks become an additional visual experience for passengers and pilots. At the moment of landing, the aircraft leaves its trace on the airfield as an autograph, proof of the success of the flight. All the buildings and infrastructure of the airport, except for the airport terminal complex, are a continuation of the runway. Thus, the ‘trace’ of landing aircraft is manifested in all components of the territory both in the emotional and artistic sense and in the technological aspect.

Important features of the project are the combination of functionality, aesthetics, and safety. A roundabout intersection has been formed around the swimming pool, and a part of the masterplan to the east of the airport terminal has been allocated for a complex of administrative, service and production buildings, as well as a car park for employees. The design of entrance groups and interiors uses environmentally friendly technologies and wear-resistant materials, and the masterplan itself is designed as a barrier-free environment without steps and kerbs. This meets the requirements not only for comfort but also for pedestrian safety.