The Yacht Village complex includes the main building, a spa, a 5-star hotel, apartments, villas, and the central feature - the Colosseum, which houses a congress center and a health water complex.

The entire complex of buildings is designed based on ensemble architecture principles, consisting of a unified facade-element base, united by a single color and details that take into account horizontal and vertical proportions.

The main architectural feature for the facade solution is the use of latticed arches made of champagne-colored anodized aluminum, mounted on the column-beam structure of the building. Together with the limestone finish, the warm metal creates a feeling of sunlight both on clear and cloudy days. The use of arched elements is a reference to antiquity, a significant milestone in the history of Balaklava.

All terraces are landscaped with local plants, and sun protection is provided by 45° louvers that not only shield from the sun but also create privacy.

All rooms in the complex have views due to the arrangement of the rooms on one side of the corridor: apartments overlook the bay, while hotel room windows offer sea views. The view characteristics of the room are enhanced by orienting the long side of the room along the facade.