PROJECT | 2023


The project is a luxurious 5-star resort, which main theme and concept revolves around “water". Water has power, but at the same time it moves with grace – that's why “water” is used in various ways in architecture. Most of the guest villas are located on the ocean, while public spaces and technical rooms, are located on land.

The modern ergonomic architecture of the project is dedicated, first of all, to create a unique "scenic" view of each guest villa, as well as ensuring the privacy of the resort's guests. The project pays great attention to sun protection and creating an atmosphere of privacy for guests.

          This is reflected both in the design of the villas and in the architecture of the public spaces. In addition to the main frame, the island will be planted with greenery trees of its region, creating a pleasant shade. For the guests of the resort, the services of a wellness center are provided and located in the SPA complex.

          The project also includes several restaurants, a beach bar, a children's center and a souvenir shop. In addition to the basic landscaping and functional content, the project provides the widespread "instagram" locations.