BULT | 2014


The image of the administrative and design building of the OAO ‘Klimov’ factory reveals the industrial orientation of the enterprise. The combination of blue and white colours reflects the aviation component and the different colouring of the facades emphasises the various functionality of the buildings.

The white wing hosts the administration - the so-called ‘white collars’, while the blue wing is for the design and engineering office and the ‘blue collars’. The administration part forms the front of the building and partially encloses the industrial site, while the blue wing is connected to the production part of the company via a covered passage. Both buildings are united by an entrance group and a multifunctional hall. In front of the main entrance, there is an area with a car park.

The project combines the functionality required for production facilities with a comfortable working environment for the company's employees. The building includes meeting and office rooms, libraries, archives, and relaxation rooms.

When developing the project, the specialists of the Ingmar Architectural and Construction Bureau also provided solutions for comprehensive branding and landscaping, renovation of the existing buildings, and creation of a museum and a complex of rooms for foreign delegations.