BUILT | 2006


Aparthotel ‘K 12’ is an example of a harmonious combination of modern aesthetics, comfort, and classic style.

Located at the intersection of the two main streets of Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg, the hotel has become a spectacular dominant. The symmetry of the building's volumes refers to the Palladian style and continues the tradition of classical mansions in the green suburbs of St. Petersburg.

‘K 12’ is designed on a frame structure and erected on a slab-and-pile foundation. The walls and monolithic columns made of reinforced concrete serve as diaphragms and load-bearing elements. The panoramic lifts follow the modern trends of openness and honesty and visually divide the building into two symmetrical volumes. The overall composition of the hotel, its colour, and its scale are aesthetically integrated into the urban landscape.

in the creation of the project, innovative solutions were used for the nodal elements of the facade. Our bureau's specialists developed a combined facade consisting of a metal frame and volumetric ceramic tiles as cladding. These elements are deployed relative to the supporting plane, which creates a sculptural plasticity of the walls and visually emphasises the rotation of the volumes as they move around the building. The vertical elements fulfil not only an aesthetic but also a practical function - they conceal the drainage system and engineering communications.

The entrance to the hotel is located on Krestovsky Avenue and is decorated with a graceful cantilever canopy. A distinctive and characteristic feature of the project is the stylobate, which is a common basement that unites the reception, utility rooms, and a car park. The car park area is designed as the front lobby of the house.

The hotel room stock includes 25 luxury apartments. Their area was increased by reducing the corridor network to the lift halls. Each room has a private French balcony with panoramic windows, opening a panorama of the streets of Krestovsky Island.