BUILT | 2015

‘Forest Formula’ is a vivid example of how the harmony of nature and architecture leads to an impressive result. The house was built in 2018 in a pine forest on the lake shore. To create it, the constructors did not cut down even a single tree: the premises harmoniously fit into the forest-free spaces of the site. The abundance of facade glazing, natural materials, and daylight penetrating the inside create the impression of fusion with nature.

The project consists of three volumes: a car park with a boathouse, a guest house, and a villa with a swimming pool, united by a single-roof parapet. The house also has a terrace, a pond, a lift shaft, and its own plot of forest (pine trees saved during construction). The space of the view terrace on the exploited roof is fenced with windproof glass screens.
The facade of the building is decorated with ash-green coloured ceramic tiles with Doric cannelures. They were drawn according to the bureau's sketches and manufactured at a factory in Belgium. The tiles are laid out on the facade without a single trim.

Pine trees pierce the roof of the house and rise above the summer roof terrace. Panoramic windows with light green glass fill each room with natural light, while the slatted ceiling allows diffused light to filter through the skylights. All of these create a sense of the forest penetrating the house.

The theme of being unified with nature continues in the use of green technology, which has struck a balance between comfort and environmental responsibility. Heat exchangers and solar panels help to conserve resources and reduce a negative impact on the environment.