PROJECT | 2023


Betancourt Residential Complex is a complex of high level of comfort and a unique architectural project located on Vasilievsky Island of St. Petersburg. The Betancourt project revises the image of classic residential complexes. Before the concept was elaborated, the surrounding urban landscape was analysed. The urban planning technique was based on the direction of the Malaya Neva riverbed. Smooth bends of the river, passing under the Betancourt Bridge, its lines and shapes merge with the landscape directions of the general plan of the complex, creating a unified and harmonious space.

The complex is inspired by the architectural features of St Petersburg. The granite stone banks form the likeness of a classic St. Petersburg embankment and the basis of the parametric architecture module. The location of the elements of the complex is calculated according to a mathematical formula based on the curves of the shorelines. The multi-height and multi-latitude development, typical of the historic city centre, gives the quarter structural diversity and character.

The complex offers its future residents individualistic architecture with a view of the Makarov Embankment and Betancourt Bridge, or the Uralskaya Street located on the opposite side. The residential complex is designed as a multi-height multi-sectional block, combining everything necessary for comfortable living.